I Love a Good Deal!

Look what I found at Target:
I know what you are thinking - you are thinking, 'Big whoop - she found some eye cream.' But guess what? This eye cream was mistakenly priced at $7.42 when it is usually $24.99. Yep! On my weekly Target spending spree, I scooped up a couple different eye creams so that I could compare ingredients, etc. while I strolled the aisles. Well I went to compare prices on Target's handy end-of-aisle scanners and this one rang in at $7.42. Of course I immediately threw it in my basket and did a little happy dance right there and then.

I just LOVE getting things for a bargain. It is kind of a weird tick of mine. Like, I will buy something...anything...if it is marked down enough - it gets my mojo going and I just toss it in the basket. Especially when something is marked down from $25 to $7! Perhaps that's why I always do a once over at the endcap clearance displays. Does anyone else suffer from this weird affliction? I am such a weirdo!

You all know I love trying a new eye cream, so I'll have to share the results with you. The good Lord knows that I need help with my eye area as I approach the big 3-0!

Have you scored any good deals on anything lately?


  1. Great Kristle.or is it Mrs. Jones these days.

  2. Hi Marvin -

    How are you?

    xo Kristle



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