Cute Workout Hair Ideas

While working out with one of my BFF's Michelle this morning, I was looking around at all the messy ponytails the girls were wearing. My friend Michelle, being the oh-so-cute mom she is had her hair in a fun little side braid. It kept her hair out of the way and looked semi-stylish for the gym. This inspired me to find more cute workout hair ideas for all of you ~

1~ The Classic High Ponytail Workout Hair

Reese Witherspoon's high pony is perky and perfect for any workout.
 Who doesn't like a ponytail for working out? Why not take it up a notch though and create a high pony with a little volume at the crown.

2~ The Ballerina Bun Workout Hair
Rachel McAdam's high bun is oh-so-glamourous but perfect for workouts too!
I love the ballerina bun, especially for low-intensity classes like the Barre classes I love!

3~ The Side Braid Workout Hair
Minka Kelly's side braid is messy - but, hey, who cares, you are working out!
This messy little side braid is my new favorite style for working out - it keeps everything in place and out of your face while you work out. At the same time, you look ultra chic.

What is your favorite workout hair style?

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