Long Wavy Hair

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know about my recent obsession with long, wavy hair. It's not so much an obsession as an interest in getting the perfect waves...you'd think a decade of hairstyling under my belt would help - but it is a whole different ball game on your own hair. I think that Kim Kardashian's signature wavy style is my fave. It seems Jessica Simpson shares the same style. Here's how to get it via Miss Jessica Harlow's YouTube video:

Don't want to watch? Here's the steps for you:

1) Apply a heat protectant all over clean, dry strands.
2) Divide hair into three sections, starting with the very bottom layer section first.
3) Curl small 2" pieces of hair away from the face.
4) Repeat on the next section of hair.
5) Allow the top section of hair to fall down naturally.
6) Spray with a shine enhancing hair spray - DONE!
Tip: If the top section of hair has odd kinks and curls, use a jumbo barrel curling iron (larger than 1 1/2" to curl the top parts).

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