Lovely Louboutin

There is not another shoe that is so lovely as a Christian Louboutin. {Please wipe your drool before it hits the keyboard}

The signature glossy red soles scream "STYLE STAR" from the tops of the fashion mountains. Every super-chic fashionista needs their very own Louboutin pumps, boots or peep-toes. Being the fall lover that I am, I have to say that these boots are absolutely fab for my favorite season:

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Ah, fringe benefits. I love the super stylish fringe on these ones. They give you the option of adding in this trend without going overboard.

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This Louboutin Metaliboot - perfect name, don't you agree - has an actual metal toe cap and chain detail across the toe plus has a 5" metal spike heel that is offset by that signature red sole.

I save the best for last:
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I absolutely adore this Louboutin Nappa Bootie. It looks absolutely marvelous and my poor feet are craving its company. Mr. Louboutin, would you please send me a sample - size 7 1/2 would be perf! Thanks so much!

What is your favorite shoe brand? Do you own a Christian Louboutin? Own more than one?

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