Houndstooth Love: Selena Gomez's Skirt

I am soo loving this little houndstooth mini on Selena Gomez. Even though the temperatures are still in the 80's here, houndstooth is fabulous for Fall! If you are a commitment phobe to trends like I am, you can still sport the houndstooth look as an accessory instead. I always say that an accessory is the best way to wear a trend since you aren't committed to a while look of the trend.

One way to accessorize with houndstooth is on your hands. I know what you are thinking - 'what in the world is this crazy woman talking about?! - but hear me out...remember those Sally Hansen nail stickers I told you about a few weeks back? {If not, read about them here} Well, those little stickers come with a houndstooth theme. How adorable is that I ask you. You can see them below:

Cute, right? And if you end up hating houndstooth, you only spent about 10 bucks on the trend!

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