Fabulous Flats

Ok, I just want to put a disclaimer out there that I have always been a high heel girl. But there are so so many cute flats out there that I gave in. Do you hate me high heel girls? Do you love me now fellow flat wearers?

I'm not saying I am never going to wear my heels OR that I am always going to be in flats--I just think that while running around on the playground with my girls, flats will combine fabulous fashion with functionality.

Ok, so here are my favorite flats for the season:

{I heart Tori Burch flats ~ they are oh-so-cute and I want a pair}

{Leopard flats ~ they are a must have and I just bought a very similar pair}

{Don't you love these Missoni for Target ballet flats? Me too!}

{Like I always say, a girl can never have enough sparkle}

{You can also never have enough pink  ~ Tori Burch pink ballet flats}


  1. I always carry a pair of flats in my purse because I live in the city. I really like those Missoni for Target ones, but surprisingly I don't really like anything else from that Target collection.

  2. Janna,

    I am going to be like you and start carrying a pair of flats in my bag-- I LOVE them! I didn't like much else from the Missoni for Target brand either. I did pick up two cute makeup bags that I needed anyways, but the mod home stuff wasn't me nor was the clothing. Did you end up getting those flats?

  3. cute shoes! I need to pay more attention to my footwear. It's usually flip flops for me..

    Found you through mom bloggers. Now a follower. Would love a follow back.





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