Bathing Suits for Women

I was speaking to my girlfriend last week about bathing suits for women. I am not talking about itsy bitsy bikinis that we could get away with 10, 20 or even 30 years ago; but instead, I am talking about real swimsuits that hide our not-so-hot parts while accentuating the good. You should know by now how much I love one-piece bathing suits for women but there are other options too! just did a fabulous write-up on some great bathing suits for women. Here is what they had to say:

Try Ruched and Shirred Swimsuits

Believe it or not, a little extra ruched fabric streamlines your shape, creating curves. Look for a swimsuit with ruching or shirring in the area you’d rather not flash around and watch your shape sveltify before your eyes

Don a Halter

The flattering shape created by this neckline instantly balances out your body’s proportions while showing off your shoulders, chest and back. (No gym time required!)

Ruffles Can Do Wonders

The days of ruffles being just for little girls are over. Use ‘em to enhance what you’ve already got, or as an added boost to your bust or behind! I just love ruffles. They are so girly and sweet!

Bathing Suits for Women with Shapewear

Don’t be freaked by the idea of wearing shapewear to the beach or pool: thanks to these stylin’ suits, only you will know that your bathing suit of choice has a little extra control. Slip one on for instant support and structure, and our favorite part, an instant slim-down. Miraclesuit and Spanx are two brands who offer shapewear swimwear.

Color Blocking

Color-blocking isn’t just for the runways; it’s for the beach too! These bold-colored suits create an optical illusion of shape, drawing attention exactly where you want it.

Yikes, Stripes!

Fun vertical stripes and patterns that wrap around the body draw attention to your curves while slimming your middle and elongating your torso.

What kind of swimsuit are you wearing this season? Leave your comments!

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