What I'm Loving Now: Colored Mascara

Photo Courtesy of AOL
I know what you are thinking...the 80's called and want their mascara back, right? But hear me out. Colored mascara has been spotted on all sorts of celebs lately, just look at the picture of Maria Menounos below:

Photo Courtesy of Makeup for Life
I really like the fact that it draws attention to the eyes in a subtle way. I have been experimenting with a deep purple hue and a dark blue, both from LA Splash Cosmetics.

One fun look to try is to wear a colored mascara in the complimentary color to your eye shade. For example, you would wear a blue or purple mascara if your eyes were a golden brown. Or for blue eyes, try an orange or redish shade. I promise it will really make your eyes pop!

Think I'm crazy? Try it for yourself!

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