Holiday Hair Styles

Treat your hair to one of our holiday hair styles for Christmas! Will Blog for Beauty has lined up our favorite holiday hair styles for you to try out this weekend. Read on for more…

Scarlett shows off our no. 1 fave holiday hair styles look, the side bun
Aaaah, the side bun. This look is not going away any time soon. Simply sweep hair up at the nape of your neck and tie into a ponytail. Then, twist hair around and pin into place. It is even better as a holiday hair style when you add a swarovski crystal hair pin.

Kim K's puffy pony is a super sleek holiday hair styles to try!
Kim Kardashian never fails me in fashion and beauty. This super simple holiday hair styles look is definitely one to try. Tease the front of your hair and spray with hair spray and then pull everything back into a pony before securing it with a hair band.

Bella Thorne shows off a super sweet hair accessory.
Add a hair accessory...any hair accessory (although I am partial to girly headbands right now) for an easy way to spice up any holiday hair styles.

Katherine Heigl shows what a difference in side part can do for added volume.

My friends at the Glamour Beauty Blog say that when it comes to hair, a side part switch up is the simplest things that are ├╝ber sexy. Switching up your hair’s part is a two-second tweak that could dramatically change your look. If you always rock a side part, try slicing it right down the middle. If you’re usually a center-part type of gal, shock everyone with a deep side part. Change your hair part as much as you want for different holiday hair styles.

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