Wednesday Review: Gorgeous Formal Hairstyles

I am in la la land this Wednesday thinking of how it would be so wonderful to go to a ball, a party, even just on a fancy date night so that I can style my hair in one of these gorgeous formal hairstyles:

Courtesy of Women-Hairstyles
Isn't this one of Eva Longoria-Parker's wavy updo fabulous? Her subtle highlights look amazing too!

Courtesy of Hair Spotlight
Ok, I know, I know---I said I wasn't a fan of the messy updo's lately, but this messy updo is amazing. It is so soft and unkempt, it looks like she just rolled out of bed and pinned some pieces back.

Courtesy of HairstyleTalk
Heidi Klum's ballerina updo is an oversized version of a typical ballerina updo likely thanks to a hair foundation. I love it and I think it would be perfect for the ballgown I would wear out to a ball (ha, right).

Courtesy of Total Hair
And this asymmetrical bun of beauty on Audrina Patridge is another one I'd like to try. Perhaps to a holiday party??? :::Hint, hint to all my girlfriends...let's plan a party!:::

So, this Wednesday, I apologize for not  technically "reviewing" anything--I promise to get my head out of the clouds for next week!

On another note, what do you think of these gorgeous formal hairstyles????

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