Sound Off: Your Least Favorite “Maintenance” Beauty Must-Have

When it comes to beauty I love to be the first to try the new this or the new that but what I don’t love? Maintenance beauty. You know…the leg shaving, bikini waxes, eyebrow tweezing, root touch-up nightmares that have you saying ggrrrrr instead of aaaahhhh.

Mine is hair removal, cover up and more. Anything to do with my excess of hair (thanks to a mixed background of European meets Middle Eastern) drives me nuts. Between the bleaching, tweezing, shaving, waxing and laser, I must spend thousands of dollars along with hours upon hours of time maintaining it all!

Let’s start with bleaching. Bleaching is my quickie fix for my upper lip until I get the chance to wax again. I typically do it every other week or so. I actually don’t mind bleaching except that I look like the women in the “Got Milk” campaigns when I do it and the fumes leave my nostrils gasping for oxygen. Then there is the tweezing. I tweeze every little stray sucker I can grasp with my slanted point tweezers every morning. And the shaving—this is another routine (every three days or so) maintenance beauty must-have. I mean, I don’t want Harry and the Henderson legs (even in winter)! And the waxing. I wax on a regular basis simply so I don’ t have to shave as much. My underarms, bikini line and arms are all hot spots when I bust out my wax pot. And finally, the laser hair removal—I really can’t say that I was too happy with spending a few hundred bucks on this because I feel like it didn’t do much of anything since I am STILL waxing the spots where I got lasered!

Ok, vent over—now tell me—what is your least favorite “maintenance” beauty must-have treatment. Sound off readers (by leaving your comment below)…..

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  1. I'm definitely with you on the hair removal - tweezing is such a nightmare. Especially when you sneeze whenever you pluck a hair!



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