Monday How-To: The Hot New Reverse Manicure

Photo Courtesy of Abbey Danson Blog
The reverse manicure is oh-so-hot right now and I am going to show you how to do it! Although it first debuted sometime last year (see my friends at EyeCandy Makeup Blog), the look wasn’t as popular as it is right now.

My absolute favorite fellow beauty bloggers at Glamour gave great direction on how to get the reverse manicure right. They suggested painting nails with two coats of a light color like French Crème from LA Splash Cosmetics and then using hole reinforcements (although you can also use those little French manicure stickers that come in DIY drugstore kits too), create a small semi-circular shape right above your cuticle. Repaint nails with a darker, richer color such as Blackberry from LA Splash Cosmetics.

Glamour Bloggers Used Hole Reinforcements as Guides

Then You End Up with Something Like This!

I am partial to the dark, deep hues of Fall and Winter. They are reminiscent of the recent vampire trend and so chic right now as well. I am also partial to LA Splash Cosmetics Nail Polish. I use their brand for Bella Tu, my mobile salon and spa business because of the variety of gorgeous colors and long-lasting formulas. If you want to try them out, visit their website at

What do you think of the new reverse manicure trend? Will you try it, have you tried it? Leave your comments.

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