Monday How-To: Create Hot Hairstyles with Party Foods

I know, it sounds crazy right--creating hot hairstyles with food? But just think of the amazing look you can get from leftover champagne! Read on for more...

Get Voluminous Hair like this from Champagne
Use champagne as a hair volumizer:
The sugar and alcohol are similar to the ingredients in a hair thickener. So simply spritz some onto your roots after you wash and blow dry upside down for a bubbly effect.

Take a drink then use the rest for your hair.
Don't like champagne...try beer:
You can run a bit of beer through your hair to give it the same effect as if you were to use a lightweight styling lotion. Warning: Be prepared to smell like...well, beer.

Add shine with mayonnaise.

Spread some mayonnaise on your dull, lifeless locks:
That's right folks, mayonnaise. Use this party food condiment on hair for 30 minutes before you wash your hair and step out of the shower and into shiny hair.

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