Anne Hathaway Does a Short ‘Do

Anne Hathaway isn’t to be outdone as she is jumping on the short hair ‘do bandwagon that has made its way through Hollywood. She chopped her long, wavy locks into a short little pixie with lots of body. Her current ‘do is debuted for a new movie role. Her look reminds me of Emma Watson’s short style, which she debuted just a few short weeks ago.

This look suits her because of her oval face shape. If you want a look like Hathaway’s (or Watson’s for that matter), ask your stylist to cut a short pixie bob with long bangs and incorporate plenty of texture. Style this look with a medium hold styling cream and allow to air dry to enhance your natural wave.

I love that these stars are so confident and daring to get these short styles.


  1. I give her mad props because I'd never be gutsy enough for such a drastic change. She looks like a litle elf (a cute one- I meant that as a good thing!)

  2. I agree Jules, I wouldn't be gusty enough either. I think it shows that she is a very confident lady!



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