Get the Look: Hot Lips Ashley Greene

Twihards rejoice; I am about to show you how to get Ashley Greene’s hot red lips today. Red lip color can be worn by just about anyone as long as you pick one with the right tones for your skin color.

So, if you have a cool complexion be sure to pick a red lip color with blue undertones. Those with a warmer complexion should stick to red lip color with orange-y undertones.

How to apply your red lip color for a flawless finish like Ashley Greene:

Step 1: Slough off dead skin cells from your lips by exfoliating lightly with a damp wash cloth. Do this by rubbing softly in circular motions.

Step 2: Apply a lip balm to condition lips prior to lip color application.

Step 3: Apply a touch of liquid foundation to lips. The foundation can be applied with a sponge and be sure to use a light hand. The foundation helps the lip color adhere to lips and stay longer.

Step 4: Line lips with the same color lip liner as the lip color you will use. Fill in your lips with the liner as well.

Step 5: Apply lip color using a lip color brush for a more even finish.

No need for blotting…your red lip color will stay put all night long now.

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