ProFlowers Review: Do Something to Make Yourself Smile

Photo Courtesy of ProFlowers Website

I am a firm believer that a smile makes you more beautiful. When you smile, you not only look better on the outside but you feel better on the inside too! Today, do something to make yourself smile (or someone else too!).

My friends at the website, ProFlowers recently sent me a Gardenia Bonsai plant and when I received it, I instantly smiled. I have to say that I love ProFlowers and use them often when sending gifts or flowers to others but have never sent myself anything (which is why I am now able to review them from a recipient standpoint).

Their website is super easy to use (even if you aren’t a web guru like me) and they have a ton of stuff to choose from. I am partial to the plants (like the bonsai’s) because they last much, much longer than cut flowers and you (or the recipient) can enjoy them for an extended time. When I got my ProFlowers Gardenia Bonsai Tree, it came perfectly wrapped up and boxed so that not even one leaf had fallen from this perfect little plant. The bonsai even came with care instructions (much needed for those like me who lack a green thumb).

All-in-all, I am very, very happy with ProFlowers and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a high-quality gift to give someone.

Receiving the Gardenia Bonsai got me to thinking how much flowers or an impromptu gift can impact someone. I often purchase fresh cut flowers from ProFlowers or at my local farmers market just to decorate my house with because it looks wonderful, smells amazing and makes me smile every time I see it. If you want to order the Gardenia Bonsai that I received for yourself or someone else, you can do so by ordering here:


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  1. Well, that is just gorgeous! I haven't seen a prettier Bonsai. Lucky you.

  2. I love gardenias so that put a smile on my face and then the bonsai brought back memories of my bonsai growing days... very challenging! Glad to visit from mom bloggers and followed you!

  3. I think that you are a wonderful writer. You have a bright future bringing fun story's and antidotes to peoples lives. Please never stop writing your blogs, they are fantastic.




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