Ooh, Vajazzle

Vajazzle…doesn’t the word conjure up a mental image of something sparkly? Well if you are thinking a sparkly va-jay-jay, then you would be correct! Now I have heard of some pretty bizarre things in the beauty industry, but never this…until recently.

To vajazzle is to adorn your nether regions with sparkles and/or crystals. Now, I’m not sure what would motivate anyone to superglue anything to that area, but hey, apparently people do this. I heard on the Lopez Tonight Show that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a big fan. She says that they make her precious lady parts shine like a disco ball. (No, I am not making this up….I couldn’t even think of something so out there, trust me).

You can spend quite a bit of money vajazzling your va-jay-jay because some spas use Swarovski crystals to adorn your lady parts. Other spas use regular crystals or sparkles.

My opinion? Stick with the bikini wax but leave the bedazzling to your clothes. Sparkles and superglue are not a good mix for your lady parts.

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