Ponytail Hairstyles

If you are like me, you have a hard time getting those perfect ponytail hairstyles that you see styled so effortlessly on celebs to look good on you (let alone be effortless to style). Well I have found the secret to these effortless ponytail hairstyles; they are hair extensions!

Hairdo, the clip-in extensions collaborated on by Jessica Simpson and her hairstylist, Ken Paves, has recently come out with the Wrap-Around Ponytail. You can even use heated styling tools on the faux hair because if it’s ‘Tru2Life’ heat friendly fiber.

Super-sleek and ultra-cute ponytail hairstyles are yours with the Wrap-Around Ponytail by Hairdo. You don’t have to do much to your own hair-just pull it back into a ponytail and then attach the Wrap-Around Ponytail to your own pony with their attached clips. Then, use their itty bit of leftover hair extension and wrap it around the base of the ponytail (concealing all traces that it is a hair extension piece) and Velcro it into place.

So many celebrity stylists are using hair extension pieces to create custom looks for their celebrity clients. How else would celebs go from a short little bob to long locks overnight?

Hairdo sells the Wrap-Around Ponytail for $49.00 (it can be purchased at a beauty supply or on QVC) and they also sell clip-in bangs and clip-in hair extensions too!

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