Eyebrow Shaping: Techniques and Tips

Did you know that the right eyebrow shaping can give you a whole new look? It’s true! Professional (or at least DIY jobs that look professional) can make you appear younger, more relaxed and even accentuate your facial structure. Although I recommend having a professional do your first eyebrow shaping so that you see how your brows should look, you can definitely do your own eyebrow shaping thereafter. Here are my favorite techniques and tips to get the perfect brows at home:

Eyebrow Shaping: Choosing the Right Tweezer

My favorite tweezer shape is the slanted point. Not as dull as slant shaped tweezers and not as dangerous as the pointed ones, this is perfect mix of the two. Tweezerman has great tweezers and although they cost more than other brands, they are well worth the price! Tweezerman even offers free sharpening for life on their tweezers.

Eyebrow Shaping: The Perfect Shape

Find your perfect shape by using a pencil. Take a pencil and line it up from the bridge of your nose up to the inside corner of your eye. The rest of the pencil should extend up and through your eyebrow line. Tweeze everything extra on the nose side of the pencil. Repeat on the other side. Then find your arch by using the pencil and going straight up from your pupil. Tweeze out the excess hair there as well. Tweeze anything extra on the outer ends of your brows as well.

Eyebrow shaping extra tip: Use a white or nude color eyeliner pencil to color in the parts of your eyebrows you want to get rid of. This will allow you to tweeze everything you want to get rid of and nothing you don’t.

Eyebrow Shaping: Filling in Sparse Brows

You can use either an eyebrow pencil or powder (like the Anastasia Brow Powder kit that Kelly Dennis won in the Will Blog for Beauty’s December Giveaway) to fill in your brows. If you use a pencil, fill in sparse areas using light, short strokes for a more natural look.

Eyebrow shaping extra tip: If sparse brows are the result of getting too tweezer happy, then use a product like Rogaine or Nioxin to speed up hair growth in those areas.

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