Trend Alert: Is Purple the New Black?

I have seen purple everywhere lately. From plum colored sweaters to lavender eye shadow and deep purple polish, this trend is hot. Here’s how to wear it:

Dark Plum Clothing

Dark plum clothing is definitely taking the place of black staples such as the little black dress, black cardigans, sweaters and more. Don’t go overboard with this color or else you’ll look like the Purple People Eater. Instead, wear a dark plum sweater with jeans or a dark plum dress with neutral colored pumps to the office. A plum colored coat would also be a pretty touch to almost any outfit. This color looks good on most, so don’t be afraid to try it.

Deep Purple Polish

Deep purple polish looks stunning on nails for this season. Keep in mind that the darker your polish is, the shorter your nail length should be. Stick to what is considered a ‘sport length’ for the best look. Looking for a purple polish? Both OPI and Butter have come out with gorgeous purple colors.

Lavender Eyes

Sporting purple on the eyes is nothing new, but certainly a must-have eye makeup color this season. Be daring and try purple mascara for a subtle switch from black mascara or go for an all over eye color with a purple eye shadow. Skip the smoky-eye look with this color though or you could run the risk of looking bruised.

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