Kate Gosselin's New Long Hairstyle

Kate Gosselin has people looking at her hair, and not for the reverse mullet that made her famous. She’s got a new long hairstyle thanks to extensions. Debuting her new long hairstyle on the cover of the latest People, out soon, Kate says that it feels good to have hair again.

Although I love the idea of her having a long hairstyle, I think that the extensions weren’t the way to go. Like I have said before, she would look great with a sleek, graduated bob rather than these dry, hay-like extensions that she sports now.

Nonetheless, I loved Jon & Kate Plus 8 the show and am happy to see that she is ready to move on (although sad to see than Jon is still such a loser).

My advice to Kate Gosselin? Ditch the long hairstyle and go for something a bit more subtle like my suggestion for a graduated bob. What do you think of Kate’s new ‘do? Leave your comments.


  1. I don't like it! It just looks like she is trying to hard to look younger. She should stick with a short hairdo.

  2. She looks SO much better with her new hair style, and not the horrible spikey mess she called "hair". She should have just grown it out naturally instead of fake hair. She does seem to be trying too hard to look young, but it's definatly a step in the right direction.



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