This Natalie Portman Dress is from Target!

Natalie Portman showed up at an event in New York wearing a yellow colored dress from Target! The Natalie Portman dress from Target costs less than $40 and it is a part of the affordable collection specifically designed for Target by famed fashion designer Rodarte.
Natalie Portman is quite the fan of Rodarte and has worn the designer before. A typical dress from Rodarte costs $8,000 and up, so this is quite the find for the actress.

I have to say that although I applaud someone with so much money being a penny pincher and purchasing her clothes from Target, couldn’t she have gotten a cuter frock at least? The mustard yellow dress mixed with her black tights and cardigan and topped off with her matte pink lipstick doesn’t stand out at me as a high fashion.
What do you think of this Natalie Portman dress? Is it a do because of the price or is it a don’t because of the look? Sound off in the comment section.

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