Get Glowing Skin Now

Glowing skin is gorgeous. No, I’m not talking about a radioactive glow; I’m talking a healthy glow that radiates from within. Glowing skin can be yours now and forever with these tips:

Get glowing skin now with these tips:

1) Be generous with your moisturizer. Moisturizer adds a dewy element to skin, making it appear healthy and radiant.

2) Use a foundation with light reflecting particles. Light reflecting particles help to minimize imperfections in the skin while giving you the appearance of glowing skin.

3) Use facial powder in oily areas only. The t-zone is a big trouble zone, so try dusting just a bit of powder across your forehead and down the bridge of your nose and chin to conceal excess shine while maintaining your glow.

4) Use a highlighter where necessary. A highlighter is a must-have to achieve the faux glow for your skin. Use a highlighter on your cheeks and across your decollate for glowing skin.

5) Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliating will help to brighten skin by sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing the brand spanking new cells underneath. These new cells are known to glow!

Get glowing skin forever with these tips:

1) Drink eight glasses of water per day. I know, I know, everyone always says to do this…but it really does help. Drinking enough water today hydrates your parched skin cells giving them a glow that could only come from within.

2) Exercise regularly. It is recommended to get a moderate amount of exercise on most days of the week (most days=4 days). You know that dewy blush color that bubbles up in your cheeks after going for a brisk walk or run? This is the glowing skin that comes from inside of you after a workout.

3) Eat healthily to get glowing skin. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is so true when it comes to this subject. Eating fast food, foods high in fats, sugars and salts will leave not only you feeling sluggish, but leave your skin looking sluggish. Get your glow on by eating foods high in vitamins and lean protein…that means fruits, veggies, chicken and low-fat dairy.

Get glowing skin today by following the first set of tips and maintain it with the latter set.

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