Beauty Product Rave: DDF’s Glycolic Cleanser

I have to share my new favorite cleanser with you. DDF makes a glycolic cleanser called Glycolic Exfoliating Wash 5% and it is amazing.

I ordered it as a deluxe sample with my last Sephora order and was hesitant to use it because glycolic acid has dried out my skin in the past…but not this time. Oh no, this time it worked amazingly! The glycolic cleanser by DDF says that it is supposed to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that clog pores, impede moisturization, and make skin look dull and lifeless and also reduce fine lines and wrinkles while softening the skin…and it does! (Sidenote: DDF should hire me as their glycolic cleanser spokeswoman)

I can’t say enough about this glycolic cleanser. After using it for about three days, my skin feels softer, looks brighter and my pores seem smaller. I will continue using it, but probably only for my nightly wash. Has anyone else tried this and love it?

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