3 Subtle Hairstyle Ideas that Make a Big Difference

Still haven’t switched up your hair ‘do for the New Year? Why not try one of my subtle hairstyle ideas that can make a big difference. One of these easy DIY hairstyle ideas are sure to give you the style switch that you so desire.

Add Bangs

Whether you try side bangs, full fringe or Betty Paige bangs, these subtle hairstyle ideas will make big impact. Side bangs work well for almost any hair type, while full fringe works best on oval face shapes. Short bangs like the Betty Paige bang only works on someone who is a style risk taker.

You can cut your own bangs if you follow my advice:

Cut into bangs at an angle, as if you are cutting tiny triangles out of the ends of hair. This will give you a natural looking fringe versus a poor attempt at a straight across line. Also, Let bangs fall where they would naturally before cutting; don’t try to pull all the hair into a small section in front.

Wear a Different Part

Changing your part is one of my easiest and most fabulous hairstyle ideas to try. Wearing a different part will add volume to hair and create a slightly different look.

Choose a dramatic side part or go right down the middle for a dramatic look. For a subtle change, simply push your hair over to the opposite side that you normally wear it on.

Air Dry Hair

Try air drying your hair to enhance your natural texture. It may take a few days to get used to, but it is so much easier than blow drying. Plus, natural texture is so in right now.

Use a styling cream or frizz serum if frizzies are a worry for you. Otherwise, you can scrunch a bit of texturizing spray in to enhance your natural wave or curl. Out the door you go.

(Added Note: It is a bit chilly in winter to be just popping out your front door with wet hair, so you could wash your hair the night before in these upcoming chilly months)

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