Suri Cruise's High Heels

Can we talk about Suri Cruise and her high heels for a minute? Why is this headline material for major publications? Is news that slow?

Well, ready or not, I am going to weigh in on this issue. As a girl, I can remember loving the idea of 'dress up' and wearing my mom's high heels. Don't most dress up sets come with a pair of plastic high heels? I think that it's all a part of 'dramatic play' for a girl of her age and there is nothing wrong with it, except that weirdos with cameras called 'paparazzi' are following this poor girl around taking pictures of it.

That being said, yes, I think that TomKat are weird and creepy, but that doesn't mean that their little girl shouldn't be able to dress up just like other little girls get to.

Would you criticize a little girl dressed up in a Snow White costume at the mall? No, because you think its adorable, right?!
My opinion...leave this poor child alone and let her be a little girl (a very, very rich and famous little girl, but a little girl).

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