Kim Kardashian Makeunder

Thanks to Glamour Magazine, Kim Kardashian had a makeunder to strip away the layers of makeup and hair products. Although I think that Kim Kardashian is gorgeous with her smokey eye makeup and glamorous hair thanks to many hair products, this makeunder suited her well.
As you can see her look was toned down by using just a touch of makeup and barely any hair products since her hair was pulled back into a pony.
Are you a makeup-aholic and hair products junkie like Kim? I'd suggest a makeunder for you too! Use lightweight makeup products like tinted moisturizer in lieu of heavy foundations and skip heavy eye makeup and opt for just a couple coats of mascara instead. As for hair products, a leave-in conditioner and an additional one or two hair products like styling cream or shine serum should be just enough.
I too, starting today, will try to tone down the use of makeup and hair products in my life and let you know how it goes.

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