Break Your Bad Beauty Habits in 2010

The bad beauty habits stop here! Break your bad beauty habits for a fresh start to a new decade of more beautiful and healthier skin and more. Here are the worst offenders and how to break them:
Nail Biting
Nail biting leads to ugly hands and nails and can harm your normal nail growth, damage teeth and can even cause icky deformities in your nails.
Break this habit by getting a mani every week or two to keep nails looking fabulous. Pretty nails should help deter your bad habit of nail biting. Other tricks to try? Bitter tasting nail polishes may do the trick as well.
Drinking Eight Glasses of Water
Are you getting enough water? Eight glasses per day is recommended by most, but the majority of us don’t even come close to that number.
Up your water consumption by downing a glass first thing in the morning (bonus points if you are chasing down a multi-vitamin). Then switch out your everyday juice, sports drink or soda for water instead and this should help you reach your goal of eight glasses per day.
Expect to see healthier skin and even a weight loss of a couple pounds by doing this.
Sleeping With Makeup On
Sleeping with your makeup is one of the number one bad beauty habits to break. Sleeping with your makeup on deprives your skin of precious oxygen that helps your skin renew itself at night.
Get healthier skin by washing your makeup off before you go to bed. If this seems too daunting, why not try a simpler task like removing makeup and dirt with a cleansing cloth. Use one like Pond’s Cleansing Cloths.
If you are up for the task, after cleansing skin, use a night moisturizer combined with a serum, which can do wonders to give you healthier skin overall.
Do I really have to remind you about all the horrible things associated with smoking? Ahem, lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, etc, etc, etc! Not to mention the oxygen it deprives your skin which will lead to premature aging like wrinkles and dry skin. EW!
Save your cash (five bucks a pack on average) and get healthier skin and a healthier body by quitting with the help of nicotine patches, gum or even hypnotism. There are so many aids designed to help you quit…try one, I promise you’ll be happier (and healthier).

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