TRIA Trials ~ Halfway Through!

I can't believe I am halfway through my TRIA Trials! I wanted to give you all an update on this hair-y situation (ha ha).

So far so good! Here's what I can report:

Underarms: I haven't seen much hair reduction under my arms, which is disappointing but I still have a few sessions left.

Arms: My arm hair has been reduced about 25% from what they were, which makes me happy!

Bikini Line: I previously had my bikini line zapped via in-office laser sessions but a lot of the hair was growing back. The TRIA has knocked out the majority of my bikini line hair so I hardly even have to shave there! YAY!

Legs: I have noticed that there are spots on my legs where hair just doesn't grow any more so I just have patches of hair. I am hoping the next few TRIA sessions will take care of that.

If you are dying to try the TRIA for yourself, the company is offering a holiday special of $50 off for Will Blog for Beauty readers. It's only good for 3 days though so grab your TRIA on special while you can!

Enter promo code “FIFTY” at by 12/20 to save $50!

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