Makeup Brushes Decoded

Are you one of those people that uses your (gasp) fingers to apply your makeup? Or are you one of those who only has 1 makeup brush for the face, 1 for the eyes and that's it? If you are, boy, do I have a fabulous little decoder for you. Personally, I have about 2 dozen brushes, all of which are NOT used daily, but all of which are definitely used and actually, I could use more!

I know, it's hard to believe that 20-something makeup brushes wouldn't be enough. Alas, it isn't though. I would love to have a better concealer brush, a large foundation brush, fresh powder and blush brushes and a new lip brush. Is it possible that I am actually addicted to brushes? Hmmm, something for me to ponder. In the mean time, check out this amazing makeup brush decoder I found for you~

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