A Spa Day

I got to celebrate my birthday over the weekend with some of my favorite friends. We had a girls day at a local spa and it.was.fabulous.

I have actually never even spent the entire day at the spa. Sure, I've had a massage here, a facial there and regular mani/pedis but nothing quite like this.

I decided to go to our local Sawa Spa because I had heard such wonderful things about it. The experience was absolutely divine!

When I arrived, the manager took my lunch order (I got the steak salad) and took me back to change into a comfy robe. I was running late (pretty typical for me) so I was taken into the treatment room for my first of three services (a massage) by Bridgette, the massage therapist at Sawa.

The massage was the absolute very best I had ever experienced. Bridgette massaged every inch of my body. Although I typically opt for a facial over a massage, I will definitely be back to see her for a massage sooner than later.

Next, I was led into the ladies lounge area and they have me a glass of champagne and chocolate covered acai berries (I was already in heaven). My friend Kelly was there already so we chatted before we were off to our next treatments.

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My next treatment was a facial by Kailey. She used to work at the salon I now work out (I know, small world huh). Anyways, it was as relaxing as my massage and she tailored it to my own skin.

After my facial, I met the rest of my friends in the lounge and we went outside to enjoy our lunch (and some more champagne). We got to relax and chat outside - which was perfect because I was in some serious need for some grown-up girl time - before heading to our last treatment ::insert sad face::

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My pedicure finished off my day at the spa and left my feet feeling softer than they had in years - the magic potion my nail technician used really did the trick!

I was soo relaxed after this amazing day! If you have never experienced an entire day at the spa, I highly recommend it. I also recommend doing it with your best friend(s) because it wouldn't have been nearly as fun solo.

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