Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Brunette

Mary-Kate Olsen, one-half of the well-known blonde Olsen twins switched from blonde to brunette over the weekend. {I told you all that being brunette is fabulous}. Here is what Mary-Kate Olsen's brown hair looks like:

Mary-Kate Olsen's New Brown Hue
For reference, here is some of her most recent blonde looks:

I, for one, like the new brunette hue. I think that it looks more mature and grown up. Plus, I was never a fan of Mary-Kate's blonde color because it always seemed to wash out her already pale complexion. On the other hand, Ashley Olsen always seems to be sporting a beautiful buttery blonde, which is why I showed her in the picture above.

Here is another look at Mary Kate's before and after:

Mary-Kate Olsen Before-and-After Blonde to Brunette
What do you think of the change? Do you love it or hate it?



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