Have You Heard of This Book?

Have you ever heard of this book called, 'The Beauty Detox Diet'? I hadn't until I was reading James Van Der Beeks' wife's baby blog. The book - see below for a pic - is all about detoxing yourself, eating nutrient-dense foods, and doing so in the proper combination allowing your body to heal itself.

The Beauty Detox Solution

I know, it sounds a little bit hippy-ish right? I just find it so interesting. The writer, Kimberly Snyder, supposedly really pushes the vegan/vegetarian diet and lifestyle because she says consuming things like dairy, animal fat and alcohol makes our bodies acidic.

Now, I am not saying to go completely crazy and give up your wine or margaritas {The sweet Lord knows I won't} but maybe we can learn something from all of this and eat less meat, less dairy and consume less alcohol.

I think I may just incorporate a meatless Monday into my dinner routine and try out some new vegetarian recipes. {Does anybody have any good vegetarian dinner recipes they'd like to share} Another thing I am going to do is to cut down on dairy. My daughter and I are already lactose intolerant, so this should definitely be a good thing!

Anyway, if you have had any experience with this book or this sort of diet, please let me know - I'd love to hear your input.

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