Miss Me?

If you missed me - don't feel alone! I missed you too! My computer crashed a few weeks ago so I haven't been able to say hi! Last week, my family and I vacationed in Orange County and visited family for Easter while we were down there. My father-in-law is a computer guy so he helped fix my machine for me so I could contine posting for you fine folks. Thanks FIL!

We lucked out with warm water while we were staying at the beach and it continued on for Easter weekend. Here are some pics of my vacay that I wanted to share with you:
My girls at Newport Dunes, Newport Beach, CA
YUM! We had lots of yummy eats including Sprinkles Cupcakes during our visit.

Our fun trip ended on Easter. My Macie is coming down from her Easter candy sugar high here ; )

Well we had a great time, but I'm glad to be back and VERY glad to have a computer to blog to you all on!

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