Oh So Cute Glasses

Anne Hathaway's dorky but cute glasses

So I just got back from the eye doctor. That regular yearly visit we all have to do. The only difference between a regular yearly visit for you and one for me is that my vision is EXTREMELY bad. I mean - really bad. As a matter of fact, I have been legally blind since second grade. Anyway, after learning that my vision has gotten so bad that they no longer make contacts that work with my failing vision, I then learned that I could still wear my contacts but I'd also have to wear a low prescription pair of glasses with them. YIKES, right?
Tina Fey makes wearing glasses look good

Well, hopefully it won't be too bad - after all there are a lot of cute pair of spectacles out there. I was just looking at a few different websites and then I'll go back to the doctor's to pick up a pair that looks best.

Jennifer Garner's glasses are preppy looking - love them!

What do you all think about wearing glasses? Are they cute, do you think they make you look smarter? I always love them on other people but not so much on myself.

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