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Remember a few months back when I lost a few inches doing the barre3 workout? You can see the original post here and the results post here. Well, just when I thought I was losing steam on the whole barre workout craze, my friends at barre3 sent me their latest {and greatest} workout{s} to try. mybarre3 is a whole new experience and brings you to an all new level physically.

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mybarre3 Founder Sadie Lincoln told me that her goal is to make working out an integrated part of her client's day versus a chore. Her and her team tested all the workouts out themselves at home to make sure they would work for busy people like me. They are committed to making each minute of these workouts work harder and smarter than ever before.

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What is great about mybarre3 is that you can choose from 10, 30, 40 or 60 minute workouts. That means if you slept in, then you can do a quickie 10 minute barre3 workout before work and then another 10 or 30 minute one when you get home. Or, if you really want a good workout go for the 40 or 60 minute version. Oh, and don't worry - you don't have to just pick from one of these four workouts - there are so many to choose from plus they add a new one each week.

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So are you wondering what the catch is? Well there isn't one. This isn't some pricey workout plan to buy - actually, it is only $15 per month with no commitment {although you won't want to ever me}.

I have been doing mybarre3 workouts for 2 months now - I am in LOVE with the latest addition of a 30 minute Ballet Boot Camp. My legs are still shaking as I type this blog post.

So have you tried mybarre3 yet? Are you planning on it? I'll tell you one thing - you'll love it! Here's a link to get to the mybarre3 website:

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