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This is a fabulous collection I put together for one of my readers, mom of two, Jennifer. Jeny's main complaints are that she feels frumpy after having her second daughter last year. I told Jeny that with a few tweaks here and there, we could make her feel fabulous again in no time.

First, I would start the makeover by softening Jeny's current fringe so that they are a side swept version of what she wears now. Soft layers that blend into her ends will help her get volume without choppiness or without sacrifycing any length.

Secondly, I would suggest her to trade in the traditional diaper bag for a chic oversized handbag that will carry all Jeny's necessities plus the babies.

Then, I would have her toss anything from her closet that doesn't fit perfectly right now. Only have things in your rotation that look absolutely fabulous and make you feel just as good. A must-have for the Spring and Summer season is a simple sundress belted at the waist to show off curves. Pair the dress with some wedge sandals to get a bit of height without toppling over while chasing around two kiddos.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. It is the number one thing that new mom's skip since babies are known to chew away at necklaces and bracelets. But accessories really do make the outfit, so don't skimp here. A pretty necklace like the one shown is feminine and will go with anything.

Lastly, to perk up your skin - use a blush like NARS Orgasm that will give you a beautiful glow and then curl your lashes before applying several coats of glossy black mascara.

Voila, your makeover will be complete. Let us know how it goes Jeny and if you are a reader in search of a makeover, let me know and I will put something togethor for YOU!

Pleated dress
$55 -

Tory Burch satchel handbag
£355 -

Nars blush
$28 -

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