Valentine's Day Fun

What did you all do for Valentine's Day? I spent a special day with my two favorite Valentines, my girls!

We went to dance class and did a little shopping then we made cupcakes and did a little outside playtime before the hubs got home. It was GORGEOUS yesterday so the girls got in their Valentine's Day finest garb {aka Snow White & Sleeping Beauty costumes}and we spent a wonderfully sunny afternoon outdoors with my neighbor Toni.

The hubs came home with a beautiful pink azalea plant for me {he knows I prefer a fresh flower plant over cut ones for special occassions} and pretty little dahlia's for the girls. Here's what I got:

Beautiful, isn't it? Here's a close up:
I just love it! Anyway, then we had a scrumptious dinner of tri-tip and bacon-wrapped asparagus prepared by the hubs himself and followed up with a dessert that the girls and I made earlier plus pink champagne {just for us, not the girls...naturally}. Have you ever tried pink champagne? I just love it! The hubs gets it for me for any special occassion - there is just something about champagne - it creates a bubbly good mood...then you add pink and...well, my cup just runneth over!

Here's how our cupcakes turned out:
Since the girls were helping me, we didn't get too fancy ~ instead I just carved out little hearts into the frosting of each one.

I'd love to hear about how your Valentine's days went! Leave your comments and tell me what kind of romantical stuff your honey did!

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  1. carving hearts into the cupcakes is such a good idea! mmmm pink champ the love of my life
    elle xo



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