How I Organize My Jewelry

How do you organize your jewelry? Up until a couple weeks ago, mine was strewn throughout my bedroom...some on top of my dresser, some in drawers, some in a tray in the bathroom, some still packed away {we moved in over 2 years ago} and some sitting here and there in my closet. Well, I decided to do something about it after seeing all this organized jewelry on Pinterest. Here were some of my favorites:

I just love all the fun, bright necklaces and bracelets in here.
How cute is this homemade jewelry organizer?!
What a cute little vintage dessert stand turned jewelry catchall!
I loved all of these ideas and actually was able to incorporate a bit from each. I knew that I needed something that was hanging as I didn't have very much tabletop type room {I wanted to leave space on my counter and dresser for other things} so I incorporated the idea of hanging my jewelry like in the first and second pics. Then, I wanted some out on display too and I had some headbands that I wouldn't be able to hang but wanted to see so I would wear them more often. I scoured Target, Pier 1 and Bed, Bath & Beyond and found this:

The Real Simple Jewelry Organizer is from Bed, Bath & Beyond and costs $19.99 {before my 20% off coupon}. Best of all, it was exactly what I needed. Plus, I liked that I could roll everything up and pack it in a suitcase - I hate not having all my accessories with me when we travel for long vacations!

Here is what it looks like in my closet:
Works for me! It holds a little over half my jewelry - the rest is in a tray and a miniature dresser {see pic below} - I may just get another because it is so nice to be able to see EVERYTHING at a glance!
What do you think? I think one more should do the trick!

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