A Few of My Favorite Things

I got a few emails over the past month asking what my favorite products to use are, so I wanted to show you exactly what I use every day:

Ok, so first up, I cleanse twice {it gets your skin ultra clean} with Cetaphil twice daily. Do you cleanse with Cetaphil? It is my absolute FAVE cleanser! It is so gentle but leaves my skin squeaky clean!

Then, I use Sephora Brand Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover {oops, forgot it in the original pic so here it is}:
As you can see, I am almost out...I love a good Sephora shopping spree!

Ok, next up I use the Target brand facial astringent. Usually I use Clean & Clear but they were all out when I went to pick up some last time, so Target brand it was {and just FYI, it works just as well as my usual brand}. I have used this every day since I was in my teens and I think my skin is addicted because I break out if I don't use it! Anyway, love this to make my skin feel super duper clean before I apply all my makeup.

For an eye cream, I am currently using both this Walgreens brand Pro-Retinol one {its pretty good} and Olay Regenerist with a Touch of Concealer. I am always on the hunt for a good eye cream and although I'll probably trade the Walgreens one for another when I head to Sephora, I will definitely be keeping the Olay Regenerist one in my makeup and beauty product repertoire.

For a day cream, I am using Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue with SPF  - it is lightweight, inexpensive and gives me a bit of sun protection...what's not to love? At night, I use Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex. I picked it up at the dermatologist's office last time I was there and I LOVE it! This product has made such a big difference in my skin - it simply glows all the time now - I highly recommend it.

That is pretty much it except for my once a week beauty arsenol which includes these products:

The Kate Somerville ExfoliKate is wonderful! I use it up to three times a week actually and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and fresh.

This treatment packs a one-two punch - the facial part of it bubbles up on your skin {not in a scary way, I promise} and it only takes a few minutes. The second part is a detoxifying facial cream that you put on after. Your skin looks fresh, bright and rejuvenated for a couple days after - its fabulous!

I also use a retinol facial treatment once every couple weeks to kick things up a notch and get rid of any wrinkles that are making their way onto my skin.

Well that's about it - do you use any of these products? Anything you love that I should try?

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