Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

I love being an entrepreneur for so many different reasons. First and foremost, I really enjoy not having to take every decision to a loss before I make it. I'm pretty smart girl and having to ask Abbas whether or not we could sign up for t1 internet or switch our mail carrier was really starting to get on my nerves at my old job and now I find I'm in a much better mood all the time being able to make all my own decisions. I also really enjoyed the flexibility of being my own boss. It's nice that no matter what happens I can always take the day off work if I need to… Working for yourself means you never have to deal with punching a time clock or talk to HR, although that doesn't mean I work any less than I did at my traditional job. I just can't believe I'm finally in this position I've been angling for all these years and that it is actually as good as I always imagined!

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