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Living in this judgemental world, we all know it's hard to dismiss what is said about you and to be completely comfortable in the skin you're in. I'm not talking about the people who are over confident to hide their insecurities, but the ones who are truly happy with themselves.

The media and our peers are a tough crowd. It doesn't matter whether you're skinny, big, tall, short, black, or white. Most people have their image of what everyone should look like and if you don't fit that image, they can try to bring you down.

So that leaves me with the inspiration I have for everyone:

Plus Size Models;

photos via google images

I happen to find plus size models extremely sexy. It's hard enough being tall, thin, and everything the model/fashion industry are looking for. That comes with enough in itself. So for all the plus size models to go out there and show that there isn't a damn thing wrong with having a little more than others, I love it!

Plus size woman who are happy with who they are inside and out are a great inspiration. And for the plus size models to show that curves are just as sexy as being tall and thin, it's great. A good percentage looks down on the plus size women of this world. I love that there are women out there who are saying, "who cares what everyone thinks, I'm sexy".  I can honestly say that plus size women who aren't afraid to be who they are, are at the top of the list for people that I look up to.

Plenty Lovee & Swaag
xoxo, Shariece
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