Loving Those Doodle Bags!

Have any of you seen Doodle Bags? I just came across them {they are the sister company
Doodle Bag is run by the Award Winning 'Bag It Don't Bin It' Team in Sheffield, England. We make bags, we print bags and we love bags!} and think they are absolutely adorable. They sure beat my generic supermarket totes that I lug around now. Check out some of these Doodle Bag's -
My Other Bag is a Marc Jacobs Doodle Bag
Queen Bag by Doodle Bags
Mini Reindeer Tote by Doodle Bag
They have several of these premade tote options but what I love is that you can design your own bag too! So that means I can take my kiddos art work and make it into a cute, functional and very eco-friendly bag! {PS - You can also create your own eco-friendly t-shirts, aprons, baby clothes and even underwear too!} Finally, if you want to make a few extra bucks, you can sell your own design to Doodle Bag.

Want to do your own printing? That works too! Doodle Bag has a ton of plain bags that you can customize at home. Check out their website here to see which one you like? I am thinking of buying the "Colour Me" Eco-Bags" that allow kids to create their own custom tote bag - wouldn't they make the cutest little craft/party favor for a kids bash?!


  1. Lol! My other bag is marc jacobs thats to funny, love it. Im following you now xo

  2. I use reusable bags on every shopping trip I make! These are ADORABLE!



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