Get Sleek Straight Hair for Your Holiday Party

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Want super straight, sleek hair for your holiday party? Here's the secrets that you need to get it:

Image Courtesy of Your Hairstyles

Step 1: Blow dry hair with a paddle brush {upside down}. A paddle brush will help straighten strands and drying it upside down will give you just the right amount of lift at the root.

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Step 2: Use a bit of heat protectant throughout strands. Shine serums with a bit of heat protectant are my fave kind to use.

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Step 3: Flat iron hair in small sections. I typically clip up two-thirds of my hair and flat iron the bottom third in 2" sections. Run the flat iron slowly from root to tip {don't be one of those people who repeatedly runs the flat iron over and over the same strands - it simply scorches your hair}.

Image Courtesy of Great Hairstyle Tips

Step 4: Repeat on the middle section of hair and then on the top section of hair.

Image Courtesy of Polyvore

Step 5: Finish by running a bit of shine serum through hair {not too much - it will make your sleek straight hair look greasy and not shiny like we are trying to achieve here}

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