Flush Me Review

In an effort to curb my cookie cravings and get a little boost at my Barre3 Challenge halfway point, I tried out the CANFO Flush Me 2 Day Cleanse Supplements.

I may not have told you this before but I am a HUGE fan of vitamins and supplements. I always prefer to use a natural options versus chemical-laden prescriptions. Anyhow, I detoxified my body getting rid of all the "build up" so that I would be ready to continue to eat clean and stay lean despite my late-night cookie baking sessions and upcoming events and outings this season.

I began the cleanse on a Monday and ended last Wednesday. I have to say that besides going to the loo a bit more than usual, there weren't any crazy side effects like stomach irritability or diarrhea {sorry - there is no prettier way to put that one}.

Although I was hungrier than normal during the cleanse {and gave into my carb craving more than once}, I ate pretty normal. I was left feeling lighter {although I don't weigh myself, I cheated and stepped on my scale at the club and was down 10 lbs}. Now, I can't say that the cleanse made me lose 10 pounds in a matter of days - I think it came along with the hard work I've been doing on the elliptical and with my Barre3 Challenge. HOWEVER, I definitely think the CANFO Flush Me 2 Day Cleanse gave me a little boost to get to those numbers.

I would definitely recommend the CANFO Flush Me 2 Day Cleanse to anyone who wanted to jump start their diet or fitness regimen.

Up next, I am trying the brand's Beautify Me supplement. Will it make me more beautiful? Stay tuned to find out : D

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