Barre3 Times a Charm Challenge 2 Weeks Left!

So folks, I only have 2 weeks left on my Barre3 Times a Charm Challenge. I feel sooo great! I don't think I would be able to say this about any other type of workout DVD. I have tried them all from the Jillian Michael's series of DVD's to Pure Barre and this is the only one that has produced these kinds of results. I know - I am touting how wonderful they are even before I am through with the challenge!

At this point, I have lost 2 3/4" from my waist, 3/4" from my bust, 1/2" from my left thigh and 3/4" from the right. WOW! The best thing is that it wasn't like I wasn't working out before...I was running or walking about 10 miles per week plus 3 hour long cardio sessions at the gym weekly plus a DVD (typically Jillian Michaels) 3 times per week. So obviously there is something about this workout that is helping me get in tip-tip shape!

And between you and me, if you have been doing the Barre3 Challenge{and even if you haven't}, Sadie Lincoln {founder of Barre3} told me that we can expect new DVD's at the beginning of 2012!

Can't wait to reveal my final results in 2 more weeks!

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