Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Many people are under the somewhat naïve impression that all celebrities are simply blessed with beautiful looks and impeccable fashion sense. Indeed, in most cases this is probably true – generally, Hollywood celebrities look great just about all of the time. However, it is simply wrong to think that none of them ever received a bit of help acquiring their good looks. Some of this help can be attributed to stylists, image consultants, makeup and access to the best in high-end fashion. However, much of it is also due to the help that can be offered by plastic surgery procedures. Along these lines, here are a few popular theories on specific celebrity plastic surgeries. 

• Christina Aguilera has been rumored to have undergone a breast enlargement, and looking at the breast augmentation before and after pics that have circulated online, it’s difficult to argue against it. Aguilera did recently have a child, which can of course cause changes in the breasts – however, it seems that in this case Aguilera’s breasts simply became larger, and stayed larger following childbirth. She has not commented, however, on these rumors.

• Another popular rumor lately in celebrity plastic surgery suggests that Kim Kardashian has had some work done on her face – potentially a facelift, for example. There is not so much a specific indication of a procedure, in this case, but if you look at before and after photos you can see that her features simply seem sharper and more clearly defined now than they once did. In this instance, Miss Kardashian as repeatedly denied having had any sort of cosmetic surgery, however.

•Probably the most talked about celebrity plastic surgery in recent years was Kate Hudson’s breast enlargement, which has been essentially confirmed. This one managed to grab headlines mostly because Miss Hudson had previously been known as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, despite a notably small chest. There were mixed reactions to Kate Hudson’s sudden apparent desire to have larger breasts – but in reality, of course, the decision is entirely hers, and it is not as if she made a drastic change – she seems only to have modestly enlarged them.

While it is often tough to tell if there is truth in rumors such as these, it can be fun to keep an eye on them. Also, it can be a nice reminder that not all of the dazzling beauty we see in Hollywood is completely natural. This is not to discredit those celebrities who have never had any work done, or even to suggest that surgical help makes someone “unnecessary.” However, it does serve as a reminder that they had to work to get where they are from a visual perspective.

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