Who Else Wants Long, Lush Lashes?

Kourtney Kardashian

Ok, so I was recently watching the Today Show {small disclaimer - I was only watching it because I was on the elliptical the other morning at the gym} and saw how gorgeous Kourteny Kardashian's lashes were looking and I decided that was it - I was officially on a quest to find out how to get both you and me those long, lush lashes without falsies. Here's what I came up with:

Applying Latisse
Step 1:
Condition, condition, condition.

Celebs like the Kardashians and Brooke Shields are all about the lash growing treatment Latisse. However, I don't want to get stuck buying this miracle mascara product forever and ever so my esthetician friend said that I could massage a bit of my eye cream into lashes for a similar result. Just make sure that it is sans any ingredients like retinol that won't be good if they get in your eye - know what I mean.

Gentle please!
Step 2:
Proper Eye Care is Essential!

Remove mascara every single night using an oil-free makeup remover - I like the Sephora brand. Be sure not to rub or pull on lashes since this will cause damage and may even make some fall out - YIKES!

My fave mascara!
Step 3:
The Mascara Makes It Look Lovely

A good mascara really makes or breaks your look, but before you go glopping that stuff on - line your inner lash line with eye liner to create a thicker, lusher lash base. Then apply a few coats of your favorite glossy black mascara - my current fave is Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lashes - supposedly Kim K wore it on her wedding day.

Voila! Your lashes look better than ever! Do you have any tricks? Any fave mascara brands?


  1. Hey, good tips.
    Just one more from Ayurveda, massage lashes n brows with castor oil to make them grow thicker. It takes a looong time though. N gotta use a tiny drop for lashes as castor oils is quiet thick.

    Just followed u, btw.

  2. i used latisse for a while and it tooootally works! but they go back to normal a few months after you stop using it.

  3. Emily -

    I heard that too. That's why I have an aversion to it. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Kristle

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