Watching The Ringer isn't putting yourself through the ringer

Guest post written by Natasha Fowler

I have to say that one of the best parts about the new fall season is all of the new fall shows that I'm currently using to occupy myself. Between shopping and TV, I barely have time for a social life right now. But I'm OK with that. One of my favorite new shows is the Sarah Michelle Gellar one, The Ringer. It's just so dramatic, but in a much different way than Buffy the Vampire Slayer was dramatic. I'm one that's all for the drama, but only when it comes to my entertainment. I don't need any of the real stuff in my life.
I remember reading about Sarah Michelle Gellar filming the pilot for the TV show a few months back and thinking that I had to watch it. Well, I've been following along with reviews and other news about it on my clear wireless.
I think that the new Ringer show is really going to be a hit, or at least stick around for a few more seasons. That's what I'm really hoping. I'm hooked on it enough that I would be very disappointed if they decided to cancel it after just the first season.

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