Spruce Up Your Look This Season

Needing a little pick-me-up? You aren't the only one. After switching out my summer home decor for fall inspired looks, I was wondering what I could do to spruce myself up for the new season. Here are some things I'm gonna do over the next week to get myself in order for autumn:

Bushier Brows
Sienna Miller fills in her brows to get that bushier look to them.
Put the tweezers down girl and allow your brows to grow in healthy and heavily. If yours are struggling to get that beautifully bushy look like mine are, steal a little of your hubbies hair loss treatment and apply nightly. During the day, use a pencil to fill in gaps.

Ruby Red Lips:
Jessica Alba's Ruby Red Pout
Red lipcolor is a quick way to perk up your whole face. This little makeup tweak will make you look like a whole new lady. Go for a deep red shade like a wine color to really reign in the look of fall.


Lauren Conrad's braided 'do
This braided look isn't going anywhere...thank goodness since this is my go-to dirty hair day 'do. It is so simple to add a little braid to the front of your hair and it will give you a fresh look to your hairstyle.

Metal Hair Accessories

I love a good hair accessory. Pick one up that has a metallic finish to it for fall. This will update your entire hairstyle in an instant. I'd say stick with gold or bronze for fall and steer clear of silver (which will be better for winter).

Ok, so are you gonna try any of these fall trends? Me....I will try ALL of them thank you!

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